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Trusted Freight Forwarder
& Customs Clearing Agent

As a government authorized freight forwarder and customs house agent in Bhutan, we excel in seamless logistics solutions. We specialize in efficient cargo handling, customs clearance, and documentation, ensuring hassle-free imports and exports. Our expertise and local knowledge guarantee smooth international trade transactions for our valued clients.

We give you control of your shipments

As a shipping company based in Bhutan, we believe in providing our customers with flexibility and control over their shipments to ensure a seamless and efficient import process. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, and our goal is to cater to those specific needs by offering various shipment options, including cargo consolidation, CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) terms, EXW (Ex-Works) terms, and FOB (Free On Board) terms.

Cargo consolidation is an essential service that we provide to our customers. It allows them to combine multiple smaller shipments into a single larger one, reducing shipping costs and transit times. By consolidating their cargo, our customers can benefit from economies of scale and more competitive pricing, making their import endeavors more cost-effective.

Furthermore, we offer CIF terms to our customers, which encompass not only the cost of shipping the goods but also insurance and freight charges. This comprehensive approach ensures that our customers have peace of mind, knowing that their shipments are protected and will be delivered to their desired destination safely.

For those customers who prefer to take control of the logistics process themselves, we also offer EXW terms. With this option, customers can arrange for the pickup of their goods directly from the supplier's address. It grants them greater control over the shipment's handling and transportation, allowing for more personalized management of the import process.

Similarly, we offer FOB terms, which give our customers the flexibility to select their preferred shipping method and carrier. With FOB terms, the responsibility for the goods transfers from the supplier to the customer once the goods are loaded onto the vessel, enabling customers to choose the most suitable shipping options based on their specific requirements and budget.

We take pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, and by providing these multiple options for shipment control, we empower our customers to tailor their imports according to their unique preferences and needs. Our expert team of logistics professionals ensures that each shipment, regardless of the chosen terms, is handled with utmost care, efficiency, and transparency, making us the preferred choice for importers in Bhutan.

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