Who We Are

Tamu Shipping

Tamu Worldwide Shipping Pvt Ltd initially started as an courier on 2002 by founder Mr. Kamal Raj Gurung which now has been upgraded to import and export business, having co-partners, Clearing House Agent (CHA) all over the world to ease and minimize expenses which contributes to individual and to the economy of the country. The very purpose of this business is to provide assistance to the government (be it be Government Organizations, Corporations or Private) and to individuals to avoid detention, demurrage and other abnormal charges imposed on them during the operations of import and export. Bhutan as a matter of fact is mostly dependent on imports rather then exports currently, logistics plays a very huge role during the process which contributes towards the aspects Gross National Happiness (GNH), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and also concentrates towards the environmental aspects.

We provide complete solutions to logistics saving Crores of BTN via minimizing cost incurred on the operations of import and export. We are also equipped with necessary tools and machineries that asist us during the working procedure.